Plan clocked in calendar weeks. Track current production status in real-time.

Immediately detect deviations, implement changes online and communicate automatically. Knowing where which part is at any given moment without searching and without a shopfloor tour. This means agile planning and control, even when you introduce basic modules of the Hummingbird MES.

Does your current production planning and control system repeatedly reach its limits?
Do you have to intervene manually in the production process and make changes frequently and with a lot of effort?
Do you and your employees lose too much time searching for information and material or reconciliation within the team?

Because of such unproductive processes and activities, lead times are too long or machines are underutilized with drastic consequences. Our calculations have shown that a toolmaking company with 25 employees loses the capacity of two man-years every year on average as a result.


Agile planning and control with Hummingbird

Therefore, switch to the end-to-end digital planning and control of your production. This is already possible with the basic modules of our Hummingbird MES.

  • Dynamic and agile

    Hummingbird uses smart methods such as Scrum and Kanban for time and machine planning. This allows you to quickly get changes, failures and optimization loops under control. Conventional MES, on the other hand, still works with Gantt charts today.

  • Planning more and more finely

    After rough planning and scheduling in calendar weeks, adjustments to detailed planning, authorized at the management or department level, can be carried out via the team dashboard, resources can be reassigned by drag-and-drop, priorities can be changed, components can be blocked, further processing steps can be added, and much more - also triggered by the constant automatic and visualized data feedback from the production situation in real-time.

  • Paperless, digital, automated

    Our MES integrates an ERP system with automatic PDC and MDC, including workstation job lists that automatically re-sort themselves in the event of changes. Time recording for controlling and post-calculation also runs fully automatically.

  • Just in time

    The MES ensures that all data, materials, machines and the associated personnel are available at the right time and in the right place.

  • Full transparency

    You can see the current production status or the location of each part on the screen at any time and can immediately intervene in the ongoing process online. Via chat or messaging, you communicate promptly with all parties involved.

  • Included in basic planning and control mode

    Even in this expansion stage of our MES, you can make drawings available digitally and paperless at the workstations. The connection to existing systems such as an ERP solution can also be realized.

Does your production planning and control repeatedly reach its limits?

Then you should get to know the basic modules of the Hummingbird MES!

Your advantages at a glance

  • Transparent, paperless planning and control in real-time
  • Errors, idle times, backlogs or over-capacities are immediately visible
  • Relief from unproductive processes and activities
  • Shorter lead times, better utilization of machines and personnel
  • Time-to-market is shortened
  • Higher delivery reliability and competitiveness
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