One of the most powerful Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for the complex production management of today and tomorrow

A good Manufacturing Execution System should offer its users as much flexibility, freedom and future-proofing as possible. With this idea in mind, the specialists and founders of what would later become Nuremberg-based Hummingbird Systems GmbH started developing an MES for optimized digital planning and control of complex single-item and small-batch production in small and medium-sized industrial companies in 2012. Today, the agile Hummingbird MES is used in a wide variety of companies across Europe, including those with fewer than 15 or more than 400 employees.

Extremely agile, highly integrative, seamlessly networked

The secret of its success is the unique variety of possibilities that distinguishes it from other comparable MES solutions on the market.
Hummingbird maps your manufacturing processes, including planning and control, completely digitally and provides users with all the necessary data at the right time and in the right place. Manufacturing status can be tracked at a glance in real-time and adjusted as needed.

All common operating systems, any automation systems and systems for areas such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), CAD/CAM, product data and product lifecycle management (PDM and PLM) or even companies' developments can be integrated into the Hummingbird MES. Hummingbird can grow modularly to a holistic digital manufacturing management 4.0, is seamlessly networked mobile and online, and can be put into operation with little effort in a very short time.

More performance with the same manpower

Calculations from practice show that with Hummingbird, throughput can be increased by up to 30 percent with the same number of employees and machines - a significant improvement.

“Our smart MES Hummingbird is fast and agile like its name­sake, the hummingbird - making it ideal for planning and controlling small batch produc­tion efficiently and flexibly.”

Hans-Georg Zwicker, CEO of
Hummingbird Systems GmbH


For manufacturing industries with the highest requirements

The Hummingbird MES is suitable for all industries and company sizes but shows its strengths, especially in companies with a high variety of products, complex production with fluctuating capacity utilization and many changeovers or adjustments in daily business. Here are some typical areas of application:

  • Single-part and small-batch production
  • Machining production
  • High precision manufacturing
  • Tool and mold-making
  • (Special) mechanical engineering
  • Aerospace

Hummingbird Systems: Your pioneer for the manufacturing world 4.0

Founded in 2015 in Nuremberg, Hummingbird Systems GmbH represents the philosophy: It is better to integrate the best systems for the respective applications into the MES instead of trying to do everything yourself - in line with the networking idea of Industry 4.0.

The team of engineers and consultants has more than two decades of digital competence in tool and die making, many years of experience in MES implementation including optimization of manufacturing processes, and well-known international references.

Hummingbird Systems is majority-owned by the CAD/CAM software developer OPEN MIND Technologies AG, based in Wessling near Munich. Its powerful CAD/CAM solution hyperMILL® can be seamlessly integrated into the Hummingbird MES.

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