The philosophy of the Hummingbird MES is the best possible integration and networking.

Its unique openness to a wide range of industrial systems is particularly evident in its API function. Via this programming interface, users can also connect the Hummingbird MES to systems they have developed themselves. The MES standards and functions remain completely unaffected as well as extensively usable and expandable.

Some companies, especially larger ones, want to integrate an MES on their own and connect it to their own or self-developed systems. With the Hummingbird MES, this can be done easily. Via its API the MES can be integrated directly using any programming language, or interfaces for the connection can be developed.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API provides codes and standard commands that allow programmers to write software relatively easily so that applications can communicate with each other.

Hummingbird API: universal door opener

Your reporting system, a robot cell, an old measuring machine - there is virtually no system that cannot be integrated via the Hummingbird API. We guarantee that our API will remain compatible and will continue to work in the future.

For the connection of systems and the development of interfaces, our API provides a variety of libraries - among others for the universal programming language Python.
With the Hummingbird integration via API, the MES can be used in the same way as with any other integration. All MES standards and functions are mapped, and all existing and future Hummingbird modules are supported.

Networking 4.0

Without an API, Hummingbird already integrates common industrial systems such as ERP, CAD/CAM or PDM/PLM systems from any manufacturer.
In the sense of Industry 4.0, our MES also networks you with numerous company locations, personnel working abroad or suppliers.

Do you want to connect an MES to your own or self-developed systems?

Then get to know the Hummingbird MES - uniquely open to a wide range of industrial systems!

Your advantages at a glance

  • Integration of your complete IT landscape including your developments
  • Manufacturer-independent system connection
  • Our API keeps you completely open to the future in terms of systems
  • Online connection across locations and borders
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