For step-by-step digitization, the CAM system is often recommended as a starting point.

The integrated MES then takes over the complete management of CAM projects and NC data, automatically delivers NC programs to machines, relieves personnel and prevents expensive errors.

Those who still transfer NC data and production information manually to machines or their employees, for example using setup sheets or stored files, also know the disadvantages of this. A lot of effort, loss of time searching, transfer errors or use of out-of-date data - as well as stress and annoyance when deadlines cannot be met.

The Hummingbird MES digitally maps the complete process

A system like the Hummingbird MES maps all CAM projects, NC programs, CAD/CAM data, tooling and manufacturing information, and machine documents digitally and paperless. Due to its centralized, versioned management and control of the data and its direct, automated transfer to the selected machines, errors are virtually eliminated.

A continuous workflow from A to Z

When new CAM jobs are planned, the Hummingbird MES shows which CAM programmers are available, forwards all the necessary information for programming to the employee, then saves the finished CAM/CAD data and automatically sends an electronic routing slip to production. This means that the NC program, setup sheets, tooling and job information are ready at the machine at the right time, and the operator can better concentrate on his essential tasks.

Hummingbird and hyperMILL®

The Hummingbird MES supports all CAM systems and manufacturing machines on the market. The MES system harmonizes particularly well with the hyperMILL® CAM software from OPEN MIND Technologies AG, which holds a majority stake in Hummingbird Systems. Thanks to the close connection, both systems are perfectly coordinated with each other. This enables hyperMILL® to be integrated particularly extensively into the Hummingbird MES. Both solutions are modular in design and can therefore grow together step by step into a holistic manufacturing management system.

Would you like to completely manage your CAM projects and NC data?

Then you should get to know our integrated MES.

Hummingbird-MES integration in hyperMILL®

MES-CAM - thanks to the Hummingbird-MES integration, processes in your manufacturing environment can be better planned and controlled.

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Your advantages at a glance

  • Complete CAM data management and control by the Hummingbird MES saves a lot of time and effort.
  • Errors and rejects are avoided as all data is centrally managed and delivered directly to the machines.
  • Programmers and machine operators can concentrate on their essential tasks.
  • All CAM projects and their status are mapped in real time.
  • The bottom line is increased productivity, throughput times and delivery reliability.
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