The agile
MES system®

Welcome to the world of Hummingbird Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

We develop our agile MES solution to help you optimize your manufacturing operations. Our Hummingbird Manufacturing Execution System helps you to better plan, control, automate and optimize processes across your manufacturing operations.
This enables you to increase your productivity and make the best possible use of your resources!

“Experience shows that the capacity of two employees is lost on average per year in a toolmaking company with 25 employees.

This is because the right information, data and materials are not always in the right place at the right time. This does not include unnecessary costs caused by manual and sometimes incorrect entries, outdated documents or data.”

Marcus Kalbacher, Consultant MES


The high adaptability of our software and our development department create the most agile MES on the market


Our future-oriented technologies ensure a digital manufacturing environment of tomorrow


Our open software technology and partnerships result in the best possible networking of all systems


System modules can be combined flexibly and according to customer requirements - right through to holistic production management

How do you successfully implement a modular MES solution?

Hummingbird eases your entry into the digitalized world of manufacturing. Choose the modules you need and expand the system step by step as needed. Here are some entry scenarios for different needs:


CAM-centric introduction

In the case of step-by-step digitization, the CAM system is often recommended as the starting point. The integrated MES then takes over the complete management of the CAD/CAM data.

CAM-centric introduction

Planning and Control

Do you have to frequently intervene manually in the manufacturing process with a lot of effort? Then use our MES system for your production and you can digitalize your process steps end-to-end.

Detailed planning and control

Tool logistics

You can get your tool management up to speed and benefit from smart role allocation. Our MES works perfectly with your CAD/CAM solution and ensures smooth tool logistics.

Tool logistics

Start with Machine Data Collection (MDC)

An automated MDC is always a good way to start digitizing production. The MDC module collects and visualizes the data from virtually every machine and shows your effective production performance including weak points – providing an indispensable basis for sustainable optimization and decisions.

MES start with MDC

Hummingbird API

Hummingbird-MES provides unique transparency through its API interface and thus connects a multitude of industrial systems as well as self-developed solutions.

Hummingbird API
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