More than a buzzword

24.04.2022 — Until some time ago, the buzzword automation was almost always a synonym for robots and machines that are tried to get running day and night. Today is about something else.

Traditional automation, often doomed to failure

Especially in single and small series production, many attempts to automate traditionally led to projects that were completely out of time and budget. The reason for this was and is that far too little emphasis was placed on standardization and automation in the upstream areas (such as CAM).

Automation in the CAM

Intelligent solutions for automating the CAM process are an important part of holistic automation. Together with the agile methods of Hummingbird, they are the best preparation for traditional machine automation. At the same time, they promote standardization, which is the cornerstone for smooth work.

Agile automation

By agile automation, we understand the intelligent use of software for planning and control with the involvement of people. This combination makes all the difference, much more than an automated machine.

The agile Hummingbird MES system offers all these elements but even much more.

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